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The International Mentoring Association offers information and guidance to increase RESULTS like:

  • Retention;
  • Increased performance;
  • Staff diversity and inclusion;
  • The success of youth;
  • Implementation of training to improve daily practice;
  • The number of prepared, skilled leaders in your talent “pipeline”;
  • The effectiveness of leader succession;
  • The function of your organization as a learning community.

Maybe you’re a Mentor Program Leader and have questions about succeeding in that role?

If these and other such results would impact your success and are why you are looking into mentoring, joining the IMA will be the most cost-effective decision you can makeThese are the results the IMA delivers for it’s members.

As you look through the menus at the top and side, you’ll see we have the best practices in mentoring and coaching ready and waiting for you.

  • Some pages are public so you can personally experience our quality services.
  • Most of the pages are for Members Only. But you can see the full range and value that we provide our members.

Want to attend a mentoring event?  Want mentoring publications? Looking for face-to-face interaction with mentoring experts?  The International Mentoring Association has it ALL!

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